Fashionable Laptop Bags: Stylish & chic, Fashionable Laptop Bags!

20 Mar

Hi There!

So our latest obsession has been Fashionable Laptop Bags. We figure if you’re out and about or even just on your way to theoffice each day, then you need one of these GORGEOUS Fashionable Laptop Bags.

The days of boring, masuclaine and plain ugly laptop bags are over! and thank goodness! It was love at first site when we saw these fashionable laptop bags. Our favorite? It’s hard to choose but if we had too I’d say the onyx(black and white) laptop bag for SURE.

What about you guys?


Stylish Backpacks….oh my!

11 Mar

I’ve never seen anything so stylish when it came to backpacks like these stylish backpacks! They come in a variety of designs and they’re so chic it’ll make you want to go back to school. I use mine for the gym and when I have to travel but I wish they had stylish backpacks when I was growing up. A standard jansport was as chic as you could get at the time. What do you guys think?

Pencil Cups

20 Jan

Pencil Cups that aren’t plain and boring are normally hard to find or made very cheaply. EXCEPT for these beautiful Pencil Cups we’ve found that will dress up any desktop and instantly add some pizazz and style! Take a look at our favorite pencil cups here:

Pencil Cups

What do you think?

Unique Office Gifts & Funny Office Gifts too!

19 Dec

It’s the time of year where everyone wants to find unique office gifts for their co-workers, employees and the boss. But what should you pick? There are tons of different unique office gifts and funny office gifts too. Let’s start with our personal favorite that we found online!

Butt Station Desk Organizer

If you want funny office gifts, this is it. They come in orange, blue and green, everyone who received one will remember and love it! Give this guy a good home 🙂

Funny Sticky Notes

A fun stocking stuffer, and great for someone looking to find office gifts under $10

Lipstick Pen

So cute, so chic and fits into your pocket and looks great on your desk too. At only $4, this unique office gift is one you’ll want many of.

For more unique office gifts & funny office gifts click here

Cute Office Supplies-The cutest I’ve ever seen!!!!

21 Oct

Cute Office Supplies aren’t the easiest things to find and the ones at chain stores are so cheap and boring looking. I mean why have a boring manila file folder when you could have cute office supplies instead? Cute Office Supplies always brighten up my day and they will do the same for you too! Check out my favorite cute office supplies here:

cute office supplies

Funny Sticky Notes

9 Oct

When you’re bored all day at work or at school there is nothing more fun then writing down a memo or to-do on some funny sticky notes. Whether they’re shaped like the iphone, flower petals, or something more serious like band aids, you’re going to love using funny sticky notes instead of boring plain yellow ones. Which one would YOU choose?

iPhone Note Pad

Fun Sticky Notes

Funny Sticky Notes

Stylish iPhone Cases

9 Oct

Stylish iphone cases have just arrived and they’ll protect and make your iphone look good. You know how fragile the iphone can be so why go without a case? And since you need a case, why not for a stylish one? Click below to see our stylish iphone cases!

stylish iphone cases