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Colorful Office Supplies! Shop by your Favorite Color!

20 Jun

Ok, clearly we are totally obsessed with office supplies, especially Colorful Office Supplies! What better way to dress up your desk or pump up a boring work day? We came across a way to shop by your favorite color! How cool is that? Click on the picture of whatever color you like and it takes you to an entire page of just that color. So my favorite? Red office supplies! What about you?



Animal Print Desk Accessories!

29 Feb

Nothing is more fun at the office than stylish and fun animal print desk accessories! Zebra print pencil cups, tape dispensers, letter trays and more. If that’s not enough than we even have animal print file folders like zebra file folders, leopard file folders and even giraffe file folders too!

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Stylish Desk Accessories! Our faves to decorate your desk with stylish desk accessories.

5 May

Stylish Desk Accessories that you can’t buy at office chain stores. Aren’t you tired of boring, basic desk accessories? We definitely are! Go from boring to stylish desk accessories with these:

What are your favorite stylish desk accessories? What do you hate about your desk now?


Pencil Cups

20 Jan

Pencil Cups that aren’t plain and boring are normally hard to find or made very cheaply. EXCEPT for these beautiful Pencil Cups we’ve found that will dress up any desktop and instantly add some pizazz and style! Take a look at our favorite pencil cups here:

Pencil Cups

What do you think?

Funny Sticky Notes

9 Oct

When you’re bored all day at work or at school there is nothing more fun then writing down a memo or to-do on some funny sticky notes. Whether they’re shaped like the iphone, flower petals, or something more serious like band aids, you’re going to love using funny sticky notes instead of boring plain yellow ones. Which one would YOU choose?

iPhone Note Pad

Fun Sticky Notes

Funny Sticky Notes

Desk Accessories

11 Aug

Tons of desk accessories and office supplies for your home, office, or school desk and FREE shipping too! Need to supply your desk or office space with desk accessories that are cool, fun, colorful or stylish? Check this out!

It’s not enough to just go an get boring plain yellow post its, but there are tons of other desk accessories out there to make work a little less boring. How about a pencil holder that looks like a guy sitting on the toilet? Or post it’s with polka dots? How about desk accessories that you KNOW your co-workers can’t steal? Get your desk accessories here.