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Colorful Office Supplies! Shop by your Favorite Color!

20 Jun

Ok, clearly we are totally obsessed with office supplies, especially Colorful Office Supplies! What better way to dress up your desk or pump up a boring work day? We came across a way to shop by your favorite color! How cool is that? Click on the picture of whatever color you like and it takes you to an entire page of just that color. So my favorite? Red office supplies! What about you?



Twitter Sticky Notes!

15 Jun

We can’t think of anything more fun to use at work, home or school than Twitter Sticky Notes! What a fun way to jot down your to-do notes and reminders. This Twitter Sticky Note set also makes for a fabulous gift!

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Stylish Backpacks….oh my!

11 Mar

I’ve never seen anything so stylish when it came to backpacks like these stylish backpacks! They come in a variety of designs and they’re so chic it’ll make you want to go back to school. I use mine for the gym and when I have to travel but I wish they had stylish backpacks when I was growing up. A standard jansport was as chic as you could get at the time. What do you guys think?

Pencil Cups

20 Jan

Pencil Cups that aren’t plain and boring are normally hard to find or made very cheaply. EXCEPT for these beautiful Pencil Cups we’ve found that will dress up any desktop and instantly add some pizazz and style! Take a look at our favorite pencil cups here:

Pencil Cups

What do you think?

Funny Sticky Notes

9 Oct

When you’re bored all day at work or at school there is nothing more fun then writing down a memo or to-do on some funny sticky notes. Whether they’re shaped like the iphone, flower petals, or something more serious like band aids, you’re going to love using funny sticky notes instead of boring plain yellow ones. Which one would YOU choose?

iPhone Note Pad

Fun Sticky Notes

Funny Sticky Notes

Cute School Supplies | Back to School Supplies

11 Aug

So you’re not looking forward to going back to school but I bet you ARE looking forward to all the Cute School Supplies you’re going to buy huh? Cute binders, pencils, pens, notebooks, sticky notes and TONS more Cute School Supplies here!

What are your favorite back to school supplies? Mine are notebooks and pens for SURE. As long as they’re cute, who cares right?